Mrs. Herman and I are again incredibly proud of Wootton’s Marching Band! They worked so hard for what they accomplished and are by far the youngest team we have ever had. This group fought heat, wind, and rain and never gave up. After starting in 17th at the BOA competition, they moved up to 4th at the regional the following weekend and then to 2nd at the MMBA State Championships the following weekend. This was a fun and technical show to bring to life, and we’ll miss seeing them perform it.

As always, there’s an incredible team making it happen. A big shoutout to our student leadership, who were truly amazing: Andrew Chen, Anshuman Mukhopadhyay, Waverly Nakashima, Shulammite Chen, Rose Bodie, Sophie Huang, Daniel Horton, Collin Berman, Daksh Badri, Dhyan Sesha, Aylin Aarhus, Kevin Woo, Cleo Sauvajot, Katherine Chow, and Summer Yao.

All of you deserve a round of applause. Ultimately, it comes down to the students’ dedication to achieving so much, and Mrs. Herman and I love being your band directors. We can’t wait for next year!