The WHS Wind Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, Symphonic Winds, Symphonic Orchestra, and Patriot Winds earned All-Superior ratings at the recent MCPS District II adjudications.  Some comments include:

Technical Accuracy Rating A+
Technical Accuracy Comments Bravo! Everything was handled extremely well and quite mature!
Flexibility Rating A+
Flexibility Comments Fantastic. Nice job watching and listening.
Interpretation Rating A+
Interpretation Comments Good adherence to style and rhythmic accuracy. Good energy on the triplets and dotted eighth sixteenths.
Musical Effect Rating A+
Musical Effect Comments Very effective Musical performance!
General Comments Rating A+
General Comments Excellent and effective use of your 3 minutes. Very mature and professional-looking and sounding ensemble!
Final Rating I: Superior
Final comments Great job! Bravo! Wonderful teaching and learning. It was a pleasure to hear your group today!