Best wishes and Good Luck!!

Thank you for auditioning!  Mrs. Herman (orchestra) and I (Mrs. Eckerle, band) look forward to hearing you play.

  • General Information about Curricular Bands and Orchestras
    • When you register in StudentVue, you will see three Symphonic Bands and three Symphonic Orchestras offered.
    • At Wootton High School, we call the bands, Patriot Winds, Symphonic Winds, and Wind Ensemble and the Orchestras, Patriot Strings, Symphonic Strings, and Chamber Orchestra.  MCPS does not use these terms. MCPS only uses the term Symphonic Band or Symphonic Orchestra.  The only way you can tell which ensemble is which is by the course codes below.
    • Most Incoming 9th grade students register for Symphonic Band, ART2094A-50, ART2094B-50 or Symphonic Orchestra, ART2099A-50, ART2099B-50.  
    • If you made the All State or All County this school year, then register for Symphonic Band, ART2094A-60, ART2094B-60 or Symphonic Orchestra, ART2099A-60, ART2099B-60.
    • No incoming 9th grade student should register for Symphonic Band ART2094A-70, ART2094B-70Wind Ensemble or Chamber Orchestra.  All students must audition for these ensembles.
    • If you want to audition for a band or orchestra to which you are not automatically assigned, then follow the instructions below to audition.  In other words, if you are assigned to the Patriot Winds or Patriot Strings and you want to audition for Symphonic Winds or Symphonic Strings, follow the instructions below.  If you are assigned to Symphonic Winds or Symphonic Strings and want to audition for Wind Ensemble, please follow the instructions below.


Recording advice:

  • Do not speak at all on the video.
  • Label your video with your last name.
  • You are permitted to use an external microphone.
  • Try to avoid recording in a room that has too much echo/reverb so that clarity is not affected.  
  • Consider microphone placement so that you’re not too close or too far from the microphone. For most devices, allowing the entire performer in the camera view will be optimal. Please test the audio level so that there is no distortion during the loudest passages of the music, while also making sure that the softest portions can still be heard.  
  • No audio or visual effects (e.g., fade in, fade out, crossfade) are permitted.  No enhancements may be used (e.g., auto tune, reverb, enhancements).
  • Students may not use metronomes to perform the required audition selections. 
  • You may submit your audition in one or two videos.   You may choose what music is performed on what video.  In other words, you don’t have to perform the audition in one take or on one video.