We’ve started a 2021 Patriot Marching Band App family to begin preparing for 2021.

First, let me say “Seniors, we will miss you very much and wish that this marching band season could have been different, not only for you but for all of us.  Please know we all appreciate your love and dedication to our Marching Band.”

Second, I really have no clue if we can march and/or rehearse next year but I am hoping that we can.  Experience tells me plan like next marching band season is ‘normal’ and adjust from there.  With that said, here is the invite for the 2021 Patriot Marching Band App.  Please join only if you plan to be in the 2021 Patriot Marching Band.  https://band.us/n/aaae46M77fmbk

Third, on the 2021 Patriot Marching Band App, there is a tentative Marching Band Calendar – my best guess as of 1/25/2021 and our new Marching Band Recruiting flyer.  Please ask people to join the band and/or the marching band.

The next step is having auditions for our Marching Band Student Leadership.  Further information about these auditions will be posted on the Band App in the next few weeks.

As always, if you have any thoughts, please ask.

I Love You More than Worms and Dirt.

Mrs.  Eckerle