Jazz Band Auditions 2020-2021

Auditions for Wootton’s 2020 Jazz Band will be through video submission.

There is a place for students of all skill levels in Wootton’s Jazz Band.  All students interested in participating at any level are encouraged to audition.  

Your audition video should contain the following:

  • Your name

Audition requirements are follows:

Saxes, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Flute, Vibes:


  • The Jazz Tune – Stellar –with the recorded accompaniment track, meas.1-32 only.  
  • Play 24 measures each of the following styles at appropriate tempos:
    • Swing – medium tempo (quarter = 120bpm)
    • Swing – fast tempo (quarter = 172bpm)
    • Latin – medium tempo (quarter = 128bpm)
    • Funk – medium tempo (quarter = 96bpm)


The below are recordings which you will use at the audition. 

F Blues

Measures 1-32 only.

Stellar Background for Saxes, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Bass, Flute, Vibes.  Guitar play the melody for one chorus and comp the next.

Stellar Background for Piano.  Piano play the melody for one chorus and comp the next.

Stellar Background for Bass

Stellar Background for Drums

The below are recordings to which to listen and copy.  You will not use these at the audition.

Stellar with Alto Sax and Bari Sax, use this as an example.

Stellar with Tenor

Stellar with Trumpet

Stellar with Trombone

Stellar with Guitar

Stellar with Piano and Drums.  Flute and Vibes use this example.

Requirements for All Submission:

The entire video must be done in one, continuous, unedited take. In other words, do not turn the camera off between the different parts of the audition. Your face and fingers/valves/slides must be visible at all times in the video.


Submissions are being accepted now into https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1TKZHrZEkDxfjhoMlYxT0tlYUV1NXZfNjFERFB2bUlmM2s5Ung3eEtiekNRdnczT2lzRXM?usp=sharing

and will be accepted until Tuesday, May 26th at 11:59 pm, EST.

I plan to notify you if you earned a chair in Jazz Band three weeks after auditions are closed but this is only a plan. Continue checking this website and social media for details.

Thank you for your patience as we all navigate these uncharted waters!